Help with Settling Euro funds in USD

For many years, SegPay has paired US merchants who do business in Europe with local acquirers that provide payouts in US Dollars. However, for various reasons the ability to find sufficient merchant settlement options for USD payouts has been getting more challenging. We expect this trend to continue, so we wanted you to be aware and let you know how we’re preparing.

As of now, all of our European acquirers continue to offer USD settlement. As things change, you will get plenty of advance notice. In the meantime, we are watching developments closely and evaluating alternative merchant settlement options. One option is Settlego, which provides a dedicated IBAN for receiving funds in the currency of your choice. We are happy to help you evaluate SettleGo, as well as other alternatives.

We will keep you up to date as news develops and we identify other viable options so you can continue to be paid when and how you want.

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