Still Not GDPR Compliant? No Need to Panic

The GDPR deadline passed in late May but there is no reason to panic if you’re still not fully compliant, says Segpay CEO Cathy Beardsley in her latest piece for XBIZ World. Cathy offers a reassuring message: what’s most important is to be showing good faith efforts, and making steady progress toward compliance.

Cathy talks about what Segpay did (and is still doing) to outline a step-by-step approach for complying with this important new law:

However, the bottom line is that making a good faith effort to take the steps necessary towards compliance is most important. For Segpay, those steps began with a full ‘Health Check’ – evaluating all current policies and processes against GDPR guidelines. We’ve appointed our Data Protection Officer (DPO) to help make sure those policies and processes are compliant. We’ve registered with the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office and signed up with Privacy Shield. We’re in touch with all third-parties with whom we share data, to ensure that our customer data is protected; for example, if a customer requests that their data be deleted, and it is eligible for deletion under our policies, that it’s actually deleted.

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