All Eyes are on the U.K.

shutterstock_1176271219With roughly a month until the Brexit deadline, and only slightly longer before new age verification regulations kick in, the U.K. is at the center of attention. So says Cathy in her latest piece for XBIZ World, The UK Bucks the Business Landscape

On Brexit:

We’ve reached out to all of our acquirers to make sure that if there is a hard break, there will be no interruption in payment services or settlements to merchants. Our company currently has both E.U. and U.K. acquirers in place to process all transactions.


On age verification:

Merchants that work with us will have to show compliance with the new age verification requirement before going live. While the law is U.K.-specific for now, the rest of Europe, and the world, are watching and could soon adopt the same or similar age verification requirement.

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