UK Age Verification Reportedly Delayed Again

The deadline for adult websites to implement age verification measures for UK customers has been a long time in coming. The original April 2018 target date for implementation was postponed and now, according to some reports, the new date, which had been reported as April 1st of this year, will be moved again.

Nothing is official, so webmasters should prepare as though next month’s deadline is still firm. If you still haven’t implemented age verification for your UK customers, we can help. Last year, Segpay announced a partnership with AV Secure in which our merchants will have access to AV Secure’s industry-leading age verification solution. Please contact us if you’d like more information..

It’s important that you have your compliance solution in place as soon as possible to ensure there is no disruption to your billing once the deadline does arrive. Ensuring that age verification measures are in place will become part of Segpay’s compliance review for all merchants that serve customers in the UK.

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