A Vote for Volunteering

In her latest piece for XBIZ.com, Cathy makes the case for getting out of our comfort zones and volunteering for advocacy groups. Using her own example, prior to serving on the Board of the Free Speech Coalition, Cathy says hadn’t fully grasped just how much groups such as FSC and countless others are doing to protect adult workers and create an environment in which the industry can continue to thrive. Only by getting involved did she appreciate the efforts of these groups, and she recommends the same for everyone who can devote some time:

My experience has helped me learn so much about what has been done to get us where we are today, and what is continually being done to preserve what we have. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve realized how much more there is to do. My experience has helped me expand my perspective on the businesses and industry we serve. I urge everyone to try and find some time to volunteer as well. While helping your industry to grow and evolve, you’ll help yourself grow as well.

Read the full article on XBIZ.com.


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