Mainstream Takes Cues from the Adult Industry

We appreciate being noticed for the innovative work we’re doing in the high-risk payments industry.  Recently Segpay was included in a story written by CBC Radio Canada.  The reporter looked at how streaming sites like Netflix are taking cues from the adult industry to keep people watching.  That’s right, mainstream is looking at adult to see just how they are creating such a successful “immersive viewing experience.”

University of Toronto Associate Professor Patrick Keilty studies business, technology and culture in the adult industry.  He says adult sites and other streaming services subject the user to “rambling and chaotic images” designed to keep viewers browsing, something that is working and getting other industries to replicate the same process.  Keilty shared that the adult industry has led the way in many areas such as “popularizing 3G mobile technology to Blu-ray to broadband internet to online banner advertisements.”

“I would say that many of the technologies that are ubiquitous to us now are either partly developed in the pornography industry or they were embraced by that industry,” said Keilty.  “It’s the very embracing of that technology that made them ubiquitous.”

Segpay was highlighted as one of a few online payment processing companies that stepped in to process payments for the adult entertainment industry filling an important need. 

Click here to read the entire CBC article.

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