How Industry Leaders Rose to the Challenge of a Tumultuous Year

It’s hard to believe but we are nearing the one-year anniversary of the pandemic.  While it turbo-charged some industries it also decimated others.  Segpay is lucky to be one of those who has remained strong and continued to add to its offerings at a time when so many have turned to ecommerce.  In this month’s XBIZ World Magazine, Segpay CEO Cathy Beardsley and Segpay was selected as one of the highlighted businesses to share its success story in the edition’s Cover Story Storm Blazers.  

“Branding and hosting powerhouses supercharged clients with much-needed marketing muscle and heavyweight servers that would not buckle beneath the strain of socially distanced fans and partners,” said Alejandro Freixes XBIZ Managing Editor. “For Cathy Beardsley of Segpay, that meant finding ways to put merchants first with features that streamlined and simplified the checkout process.”

In 2020, Segpay made several enhancements and updated its cyber security practices.  It also added payment options with the integration of PayPal as a payment option and the addition of four local currencies to its Dynamic Multi-Currency for its U.S. Merchants.

“Offering multiple currencies helps to eliminate the fluctuation between the dollar and other local currencies,” Beardsley said. “We’ve also been preparing for the EU Revised Payment Services Directive for some time and this past year, the Segpay compliance team optimized the PSD2 workflow providing greater control for merchants and has reduced friction and cart abandonment by their customers.”

To read the full XBIZ Cover Story click here.

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