Cathy to speak about the role of billers in protecting children online

The Prostasia Foundation is hosting a full-day workshop called, Internet Platforms, Sexual Content and Child Protection, May 23rd from 9:30-6 in San Francisco, in which a diverse group of experts answers the important question:

How can Internet platforms protect children from abuse, while preserving space for legitimate sexual expression and discussion online, and minimizing risk?

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Help design a new Segpay program: paying out affiliates and other third-parties

Preview the Beta Version of SegPay's New Merchant Portal

Our tagline is “All the way to paid.” Ultimately, that describes the most important thing Segpay does: make sure our merchants are paid. But many merchants need payouts sent to others, besides just themselves. From affiliate partners to models or other performers and contractors, merchants want to rely on their payment provider for a true end to end solution, from checkout to processing… all the way to paid – and that means everyone who needs to be paid.

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Segpay provides another option for age verification

Adult-site merchants doing business in the UK have until July 15th to implement age verification measures that ensure their consumers are at least 18 years of age. Previously, Segpay announced a collaboration with AVSecure, one of the leading providers of age verification solutions, to give Segpay merchants free access to a trusted resource for complying with this regulation. As part of this partnership, we’re also enabling UK consumers who verify through AVSecure to use Segpay as one of the approved methods for confirming they are over 18.

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Unique card identifier gives merchants another anti-fraud tool

Starting today, merchants have the option to include in postback notifications a unique Payment Account ID that identifies the credit card used in transactions on the Segpay system – whether an initial sale, rebill or refund – giving merchants another way to identify their consumers. The Payment Account ID is sent as a secure tokenized value, allowing merchants to uniquely identify a card in a PCI-compliant way, without sending actual card numbers, or only relying on non-unique masking.

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Breaking down the latest from Visa and Mastercard

Cathy’s latest piece, Major Card Brands Roll Out New Changes, focuses on recent updates from Visa and Mastercard aimed at reducing chargebacks, while highlighting advances in the anti-chargeback tools at our disposal, including 3-D Secure 2.0 and Visa’s Merchant Purchase Inquiry program.

While rules are getting stricter, the tools we can use to fight chargebacks are stronger than ever…. (Visa) will allow processors supporting VMPI to respond to a bank inquiry almost immediately, ensuring it does not become a chargeback.

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Segpay’s Compliance Team Stands on the Anti-Money Laundering Front Lines

Last year Segpay was re-authorized as a Payment Institution in the UK, and, by extension, the EU as well. It’s an important designation that tells merchants that a processor adheres to stringent governmental regulations around payment and data security, as well as anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing laws. In the EU, payment processors who provide settlement to merchants require a license, highlighting the importance of demonstrating compliance with these laws to ensure funds are safe.

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UK Age Verification Starts July 15

A quick follow up to our post from last month about the revised deadline for complying with age verification regulations in the UK. According to a BBC News report, the new deadline is July 15th. As a reminder, we have teamed with AV Secure to make it easy for Segpay merchants to implement an effective solution from an established provider. Please contact your sales rep or if we can help.

Segpay Ireland Aims to Make Our Merchants Brexit-Proof

Now that Brexit has been put off another 6 months, we can all breathe a little easier, right? The current agreement delays the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) until October 31st; however it also stipulates that Brexit is immediately triggered on June 1st if the UK does not hold EU Parliamentary elections next month. So, what does this all mean for Segpay and our merchants?

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