Turning 2018’s Challenges into Opportunities

Please check out Cathy’s latest XBIZ piece, The Rocky Road of Regulations in 2018, in which she recaps the litany of new rules and other challenges our industry had to navigate during the past year. The good news: we’re all stronger for having gone through the process of dealing with everything that came at us in 2018.

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How is Segpay Preparing for GDPR?

A few months ago, we posted a short piece summarizing GDPR. With the deadline now just a couple of weeks away, a lot of you are asking what we are doing to comply, and how we can help in your efforts. The short answer is that we are aware of the impending deadline, and are actively working with third-party counsel to develop processes for complying with GDPR requirements – such as the ability to provide consumers access to their data, and to respond to requests to remove consumer data from our systems.

We will have more specific details soon about our processes for complying with these and other GDPR requirements, once our efforts are complete. In the meantime, here is a link to our original post, with background about the GDPR and links to articles that go into more detail.

GDPR Deadline Coming Fast for Those Doing Business in the EU

If you saw our recent trade show recap,  or attended the shows yourself, you know that the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a hot topic. As well it should be – the GDPR goes into effect May 25th of this year and will impact the way EU merchants, and all businesses that process EU customer data, do business going forward.

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