Teresa was XBIZ Woman of the Month

Segpay’s Teresa Van Eps was XBIZ Woman of the Month for October.

Congratulations to Segpay Sales Director Teresa Van Eps, who was the subject of XBIZ’s Women in Adult profile for October! Please check out the great piece that XBIZ wrote about Teresa. They discuss Teresa’s background, along with her responsibilities and approach to work here at Segpay. This is quite the step up from our own profile of Teresa, posted on this blog last year.

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Segpay Partners with AVSecure for Age Verification

AVSecureWe recently teamed with AVSecure to help offer age verification solutions to our clients.

Cathy Beardsley, President and CEO of Segpay said, “The partnership with AVSecure is important to us and our clients because this is a very effective age-verification solution for the industry. We will recommend AVSecure to our clients, as we have confidence in their technology and people.”

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Segpay Re-Authorized as Payment Institution in the UK

Great news, we were re-certified as a licensed Payment Institution in the UK, which means Segpay complies with the new PSD2 directive in the EU, and can continue providing payment services in the UK and EU. From our official announcement:

Compliance with PSD2’s stronger requirements on data security and consumer protections maintains Segpay’s reputation as a secure, trusted provider,” said Cathy Beardsley, CEO of Segpay. “Our policies and procedures are ahead of our competitors and receiving this authorization demonstrates our continued commitment to go above and beyond to be a leader in compliance.


Cathy Argues for Congressional Action on Weed in PaymentsSource Article

If you followed the recent news that cannabis decriminalization is being discussed in Congress, you’re probably aware of how confusing it’s been for marijuana-based businesses, banks and payment processors to navigate the conflicting state and federal laws governing the sale of these increasingly legal products. Segpay has been on top of this issue for some time now. In a March article on XBiz.com, our CEO Cathy Beardsley weighed in on the future of handling payments for cannabis, and now this month PaymentsSource has published a similar article by Cathy arguing for the type of Congressional action that appears (finally) to be gaining momentum:

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