Get our Latest Postback IP List via SRS/Web Services

Merchants needing a list of IP addresses where Segpay postbacks originate (so the IPs can be whitelisted in your system) could always request the most current list using our SRS/web service system. Going forward, this is the only way to get the list. For instructions, search for “Get Postback IP List” in our SRS documentation.

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An Easier Way to Upgrade Memberships

Earlier this year we wrote about how Segpay Reporting Services (SRS) can make your life easier, in particular by automating or simplifying common billing and support tasks. One such task is upgrading or downgrading a recurring membership by changing the amount that is regularly rebilled. Previously, SRS only allowed you to decrease a rebill amount. However, now you can increase a recurring charge as well, with prior approval from the Segpay compliance team.

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Make Your Life Easier with SRS

What is Segpay’s Reporting Service (SRS)? In a nutshell, it’s just what the headline above says: a way to make your life easier – assuming, of course, you are a merchant processing payments with Segpay. SRS lets you automate and/or simplify consumer support tasks and the retrieval of key stats about your transactions, all via http requests from your system to Segpay’s.

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